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2017 Chrysler Pacifica long-term test: small town, big van, bigger eclipse

Nebraska shouldn’t be this loud. At least, that’s what I thought in the midnight hours between Sunday night and Monday morning before the so-called Great American Eclipse. The sounds from the I-80 Lakeside Campground near North Platte, Nebraska, were a contradiction of what I knew about the Cornhusker State. As we laid in the back of......

The downside of strong auto sales? Your used car is worth less

Since 2010, U.S. auto sales have been on a roll. Thats been great for the industry as a whole and an encouraging reflection of the economy. Unfortunately, the boom hasnt been so great for vehicle owners, because its led to a glut of used cars. And that, in turn, has dragged down residual values. The situation has gotten worse in recent months......

Ford launches cash-for-clunkers program in UK, may begin manufacturing cars in China

In the UK and in China, Ford is working to put motorists behind the wheels of cleaner, more efficient automobiles--though its going about it in two different ways. Asian electrification In China, the Detroit automaker has announced a budding partnership with Anhui Zotye Automobile Co., a manufacturer of electric vehicles based in the city of......

Chinese want Jeep, 2018 BMW M5, VW Microbus revival: What’s New @ The Car Connection

Chinas Great Wall is ready to purchase Jeep from Fiat Chrysler Last week, we learned that after a series of awkward courtships, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles mightve finally found a partner. Now, we know who that partner is: Chinas Great Wall. How self-driving vehicles will soon impact your taxes Self-driving of the future will use less......

How self-driving vehicles will soon impact your taxes

Self-driving of the future will use less fuel—and in some cases none at all—which could leave some states pining for revenue to finance infrastructure updates funded by gas taxes. Last year, Michigan adopted higher registration fees for hybrid and electric vehicles in an effort to account for the a reduction in gas tax revenue. Now......

2018 Nissan Midnight Edition trucks turn out the lights

Black-painted wheels are all the rage, but thats not what makes Nissans announcement that it is extending its Midnight Edition package to its pickup lineup for 2018 so newsworthy. Instead, its that the automaker has confirmed that the Frontier mid-size pickup is back for another model year. An all-new version is on the horizon, and its long......

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