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Volkswagen Set to Enter Electric Car in Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Thirty-one years after having just missed getting to the finish line with a twin-engine Golf, Volkswagen returns to the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado with the goal of beating the existing record for electric cars....

9 Vintage Chevy Trucks Worth a Fortune

Thereís an important subset of car collectors out there who just love classic pickup trucks. We have a list and amazing photo gallery for you of nine customized classic Chevy trucks that went for the highest bids at Barrett-Jackson auctions....

2019 Audi A7 Sportback, or the Gran Turismo Reinvented

After the A8 sedan, the A7 gets its own makeover with an ultra-modern new generation. Audi is aiming to redefine the grand tourer, and thereís no doubt that the new 2019 A7 Sportback is different than what has come before....

Top 10 Electric Cars with Longest Range in 2017

For an electric car to represent an attractive choice for a consumer, itís important first and foremost that its range meet their daily needs, without the price being too high. We took a look at current electric models to see which 10 vehicles will take you the farthest on a single full charge....

Mitsubishi's New Growth Plan Announced

Mitsubishi, which struggled through a recent difficult period and is now attempting to burnish its image anew, has launched an action plan aimed at increasing its annual world-wide sales by over 30% within three years. Here are details of the Drive for Growth....

2018 Nissan Rogue, Semi-Autonomous Driver

When equipped with Nissanís ProPILOT Assist system, the new 2018 Rogue will be able to automatically manage acceleration, braking and steering on the highway, as long as the car stays in the same lane. Weíve got info on other features and on pricing of the new Rogue....

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