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BMW Presents Big, Buff X7 ahead of LA Auto Show

BMW has presented its new X7 SUV ahead of the modelís official debut at the Los Angeles auto show in November. The biggest BMW produced to date uses a well-known mechanical setup and offers the level of luxury you would expect from the brandís flagship product....

Electric GT-R and 370Z from Nissan? Itís Possible

Nissan is said to be looking to put electric powertrains in the next-generation GT-R and 370Z sports models. The company wants 40% of its European sales to consist of electric vehicles by 2022....

2018 Nissan 370Z NISMO: Five Letters too Many?

Nissanís Z is a legendarily fun car to drive and itís even moderately practical in daily use. But its NISMO performance variant is simply too extreme for our roads, and itís downright unpleasant to use on a daily basis. Sometimes, moderation really does taste better....

Porsche: The Taycan is just the beginning

Porsche is planning to electrify in a big way and aims for electric vehicles to make up half of its sales by 2025. The upcoming Taycan would be joined in 2022 by an electric-powertrain Macan, then by similarly transformed Panamera and Cayenne versions....

Mercedes-Benz GLE, the first plug-in hybrid with a 100+ km range?

Mercedes-Benz is promising that the plug-in hybrid version of its next-generation GLE SUV will have an electric range of more than 100 km. It will be the first of type to pass the century mark for range, but it will be followed in rapid succession by others, the Polestar 1 from Volvo chief among them....

GM Upgrades Base WarrantyÖ But It Will Cost Extra

GM now offers an longer-period extended new-vehicle warranty for all models sold under its banners, but the optional add-on will cost extra. The manufacturer is promising a simplified claims process for both dealers and customers....

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