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Chrome News:

BMW to recall 11,700 cars worldwide after installing wrong engine software

German car maker said it would recall 11,700 cars to fix their engine management software after it discovered that the wrong software had been installed on its luxury 5- and 7-Series models...

Chinese billionaire Li Shufu buys 10% stake in Daimler

Two sources familiar with the thinking of Li Shufu said his move to accumulate the stake, which has a market value of $9 billion, was motivated by the “dramatic transformation” under way in the automotive industry...

What makes Honda Cars change President & CEOs so frequently?

Honda Motor Co on Thursday announced appointment of Gaku Nakanishi as the President & CEO of Honda Cars India who will take over from incumbent Yoichiro Ueno and will assume the role from April 1....

PM Modi should practice what he preaches on free trade: Opinion

The protectionist measures follow new duties imposed in December on electronic goods....

UM Motorcycle to invest $25 million in a new engine plant in India

The plant is expected to be operational by early next year....

We are not afraid of electrification: CTO, Bosch

For connected cars, we should come up with solutions that are not just for the single market but should be standardized for the world, said Jan-Oliver Rohrl, chief technology officer, Bosch India....

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