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12 volt accessory power outlet cover

12 volt accessory power outlet housing

12 volt accessory power outlet socket

3-way terminal

4-way terminal

4wd actuator

4wd actuator cable

4wd actuator connector

4wd actuator fork

4wd actuator wiring harness

4wd axle actuator housing

4wd disconnect

4wd hub locking solenoid

4wd indicator light switch

4wd switch

a/c accumulator

a/c accumulator hose sleeve

a/c accumulator insulator

a/c accumulator tube

a/c accumulator tube o-ring

a/c accumulator tube outlet

a/c accumulator with hose assembly

a/c clutch control relay harness connector

a/c clutch cycle switch

a/c clutch cycle switch connector

a/c clutch cycle switch o-ring

a/c clutch relay

a/c compressor

a/c compressor and clutch

a/c compressor bearing

a/c compressor bolt

a/c compressor bypass pulley

a/c compressor clutch

a/c compressor clutch bearing

a/c compressor clutch coil

a/c compressor clutch hub shaft key

a/c compressor clutch installation kit

a/c compressor clutch kit

a/c compressor clutch pulley snap ring

a/c compressor clutch relay connector

a/c compressor clutch rotor

a/c compressor connector

a/c compressor control relay

a/c compressor control valve

a/c compressor conversion kit

a/c compressor cut-out relay

a/c compressor cut-out switch

a/c compressor cut-out switch harness connector

a/c compressor fitting

a/c compressor flex coupling

a/c compressor gasket

a/c compressor gasket kit

a/c compressor hose seal

a/c compressor mount and drive kit

a/c compressor muffler

a/c compressor oil fill plug

a/c compressor port o-ring

a/c compressor port seal kit

a/c compressor pressure relief valve o-ring

a/c compressor relief valve

a/c compressor seal

a/c compressor shaft seal

a/c compressor shaft seal kit

a/c compressor speed sensor

a/c compressor throttle cut-off relay

a/c compressor wiring harness

a/c condenser

a/c condenser and receiver drier assembly

a/c condenser bracket nut

a/c condenser fan

a/c condenser fan assembly

a/c condenser fan motor

a/c condenser fan motor relay

a/c condenser fan switch

a/c condenser fan temperature switch

a/c condenser grommet

a/c condenser insulator

a/c condenser tube o-ring

a/c discharge and liquid line

a/c discharge line hose assembly

a/c drive belt idler pulley

a/c drive belt tensioner

a/c evaporator case seal

a/c evaporator case seal kit

a/c evaporator core

a/c evaporator core and case assembly

a/c evaporator core case

a/c evaporator core case drain seal

a/c evaporator core case drain tube

a/c evaporator core insulation

a/c evaporator core kit

a/c evaporator core repair kit

a/c evaporator core seal

a/c evaporator core seal kit

a/c evaporator core tube

a/c evaporator drain

a/c evaporator fitting gasket

a/c evaporator hose

a/c evaporator hose clip

a/c evaporator motor

a/c evaporator temperature sensor

a/c evaporator tube o-ring

a/c evaporator tube seal

a/c expansion valve

a/c expansion valve hardware kit

a/c expansion valve kit

a/c expansion valve o-ring

a/c expansion valve screen

a/c expansion valve seal kit

a/c expansion valve tube

a/c expansion valve tube kit

a/c filter screen

a/c high side charging adapter

a/c hose assembly

a/c in-line filter

a/c in-line filter kit

a/c line connector

a/c line o-ring

a/c line o-ring kit

a/c line repair kit

a/c liquid line with orifice tube

a/c low pressure service port

a/c manifold hose assembly

a/c manifold seal

a/c manifold seal kit

a/c o-ring tech tray

a/c orifice tube

a/c orifice tube repair kit

a/c power module

a/c pressure transducer connector

a/c receiver drier

a/c receiver drier / desiccant element

a/c receiver drier / desiccant element kit

a/c receiver drier fuse plug

a/c receiver drier kit

a/c receiver drier with hose assembly

a/c refrigerant discharge / suction hose assembly

a/c refrigerant discharge hose

a/c refrigerant hose

a/c refrigerant hose fitting

a/c refrigerant liquid hose

a/c refrigerant pressure sensor

a/c refrigerant suction hose

a/c refrigerant temperature sensor

a/c repair tool

a/c selector switch

a/c service valve

a/c service valve cap

a/c service valve cap seal

a/c service valve fitting

a/c service valve fitting cap

a/c suction and liquid line hose assembly

a/c suction line hose assembly

a/c system dye

a/c system dye injector

a/c system flush

a/c system o-ring and gasket kit

a/c system retrofit kit

a/c system valve core

a/c system valve core and cap kit

a/c trinary switch

a/c tubing

a/c vacuum actuator

a/c vacuum pump

a/c valve in receiver (vir) desiccant bag service kit

a/c valve in receiver (vir) desiccant shell o-ring

abs accumulator

abs control module

abs deceleration sensor

abs harness connector

abs hydraulic assembly

abs modulator

abs modulator relay

abs modulator sensor connector

abs modulator valve

abs pressure monitor switch

abs pump and motor assembly

abs pump and motor relay

abs relay

abs reluctor ring

abs wheel speed sensor

abs wheel speed sensor connector

abs wheel speed sensor retainer

abs wheel speed sensor ring

abs wheel speed sensor wiring harness

accelerator pedal

accelerator pedal bracket

accelerator pedal module

accelerator pedal pad

accelerator pedal position sensor connector

accelerator pedal sensor

accessory drive belt

accessory horn

accessory junction block

accessory power module connector

accessory power receptacle connector

accessory power relay

accessory switch housing

accessory wiring junction block connector

active noise cancellation module

Dodge, Chrysler recall cars over failure to illuminate dashboard driver warnings

About 8,000 new Dodge and Chrysler sedans and coupes have been recalled to address an electrical issue that may prevent their dashboard warning lights from being illuminated, according to documents filed with the NHTSA that were released Wednesday. Because of the defect, the 2019 Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, and Chrysler 300 models do not......

Study shows 60 percent of recreational marijuana users drive under the influence

Over half of legal recreational marijuana users who responded to a survey said that they have driven under the influence of the drug. The survey was conducted by insurance comparison website in March The Zebra and its findings released last week may underscore the lack of regulations and guidelines regarding driving under the influence of......

Volvo cars can alert each other to road hazards

New Volvos will harness cloud-based communication technology to alert each other about obstacles and road hazards ahead. Initially, the system launches across Europe for the 2020 model year. Volvo told The Car Connection that there are plans to introduce the feature to the U.S., but it was not ready to share timing. The connected-safety technology......

Audi expands new-car subscription service options

Audis trial new-car subscription service now offers shoppers a less-expensive tier called Core Collection, the automaker said Tuesday. The trial program is only offered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and now includes two tiers priced at $995 and $1,495 per month. Previously, Audi offered just one $1,495 program. CHECK OUT: BMWs new subscription......

NY auto show wrapup, VW pickup truck, 2019 Mazda CX-5 diesel: What's New @ The Car Connection

The 13 most important cars of the 2019 New York auto show From three-row crossover SUVs to shapely mid-size sedans, the 2019 New York International Auto Show had an important new-car introduction for just about every kind of buyer Wednesday. 2020 Subaru Outback unveiled: Crossover SUV laces up with more tech, turbo power The redesigned 2020 Subaru......

2020 Toyota Highlander unveiled: Crossover SUV juices up with thrifty, 34-mpg hybrid

With the 2019 New York auto show debut Wednesday of its redesigned 2020 Highlander, Toyota hasn’t built the Prius of three-row crossover SUVs. The automaker’s 34-mpg combined fuel-economy estimate for the 2020 Highlander Hybrid comes close, however. That figure is a hefty 6 mpg higher than last year’s hybrid combined EPA test......